Herrington's Sierra Pines Resort

Herrington's Sierra Pines Resort is a family-owned resort for over 44 years and is located in historic Sierra City. Founded in 1850 and once a booming mining town, Sierra City has become a popular tourist area. Splendid scenery abounds as the beautiful Yuba River meanders for a third of a mile through the Resort property. AAA approved lodging accommodations have Satellite TV, large covered decks overlooking the river and a spectacular view of the waterfall.

There is a rainbow trout pond stocked with three thousand fish for viewing or fishing pleasure, a game room with ping-pong and billiards, and a gift shop to provide mementos of your vacation time. The Resort has a beautiful dining room and bar, serving cocktails and delicious meals. The dining room can be partitioned to accommodate small meetings in a private and relaxed atmosphere. There are four championship golf courses within 20 miles of the resort. Limited WiFi is provided for our guests. Please call for reservations or drop by to see us.